Designing a place where we would want to work.


MasterMindKK, an architectural design office in Shibuya, was well aware of all the conditions concerning work environments creative businesses such as ourselves would want. The result is what we have created with agora Tokyo: with success, so that we are now glad to be one of our own tenants.

One of the key issues was to create a space that fosters creativity, by allowing interaction and communication, as well as individual work and concentration.

Private conversations and confidential client or internal meetings have been accommodated for through the availability of fully equipped double glazed meeting space.

The openness and flexibility of the office setup allows one to expand his mind, and enjoy the benefits of working in a large space, of net-working and sharing information with other tenants where useful, or keeping to oneself and focus where desired.

Open concept to bring in the natural light


We looked at many co-working spaces, and what we found was that many were cubicles or isolated rooms with very small windows or no win-dows at all. Therefore one of the main priorities for our co-working space was to create space, through an open concept office.

For people that prefer the privacy and isolation of having their own little room with a key, our co-working space is probably not suitable and that is fine.

But those who love to work in a spacious and rather creative environment, supported by the ergonomics, comfort and style of high quality furniture, in a setting that fosters flexibility to aspire to productivity and success with one's undertaking, will understand what we have aimed to accomplish by designing a rather unconventional co-working space.
Benefit of natural light  |  Benefit of open concept office

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